I would follow Jenny to the ends of the earth!

I have been with Jenny since I first moved here 5 years ago. I have followed her from Carlsbad, to Del Mar and now to her new location (even though it is a loooong drive for me). I do not trust anyone else to do my hair. Jenny knows curls like nobody’s business. What I love about Jenny is that she always wants to give her clients the best possible customer service which includes making their hair look amazing. Jenny does my cut and color and she is superb. Anytime I have not been happy with the cut or color she has immediately fixed it for me at no charge. She is kind, dedicated, incredibly talented and a master at hair and makeup.

My son also goes to Jenny even though he lives in L.A., he has found no one who can cut his hair like she does. He also has curly hair and she cuts it in a way that it even looks great when it is too long and he really needs a cut.

I have sent many friends to Jenny and all keep returning to her. She is the BEST! You won’t be disappointed and if you are, she will fix it so you will NOT stay disappointed!