Learn why microcurrent treatments are significant to maintaining a youthful body and appearance

What is Microcurrent Treatment Therapy?

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We are pleased to announce performing TAMA microcurrent therapy at Bloom Spa and Salon! This treatment is performed by a master esthetician who has undergone special training in order to provide customized treatment to bring back your own youth and beauty.


The TAMA Microcurrent treatment is a non-invasive, anti-aging, and revitalizing natural approach that utilizes a low-level electric pulse to tone the muscles in the face, and address a number of cosmetic concerns. The TAMA treatment benefits wrinkle reduction, eliminating fine lines, reduce acne and acne scars, skin pigmentation, skin laxity, and dullness, increase lymphatic drainage, releasing facia and relives muscle tension, by lifting and building firmness in the neck, cheeks, brows and jowls.

TAMA treatments yield astonishing results. The treatment hydrates, lifts, and tightens skin to help maintain a youthful body and image.


The  microcurrent treatment facial utilizes low-voltage electricity that stimulate the facial muscles

How it works. The microcurrent treatment facial utilizes low-voltage electricity that stimulates the facial muscles to encourage the face muscles to look more defined, and encourage collagen development. Microcurrent devices create current using an electrical pulse approach to stimulate cellular activity, and promote rejuvenation of facial skin and muscles due to aging.

During a microcurrent facial, your esthetician will use a device that simulates facial massagers that emit limited electrical currents across the skin. The purpose is the apply the massagers over fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin that appear around the mouth, neck, forehead, and other areas that require toning. Microcurrent facials are virtually pain free, with no down time, no risk of infection and scarring, with natural looking results.